Dissertations Reports Tips and Tricks

General Guidelines on Writing Reports and Dissertations

A good report is easy to identify. It has an accurate and informative title, a clear and well-structured layout, easy-read text and informative diagrams. Studying a properly written report is a delight. Today we present you some proper rules you should follow:

  • The reader is the most essential person;
  • Keep the report as short as feasible;
  • Organize the document for the reader’s convenience;
  • Provide complete and correct references;
  • Write in a concise, fluent style;
  • Put diagrams in the with the right titles.


You need to have a clear set of goals before starting to write a report. Read some professional writing advice from experts. In formulating the goals you need to consider:

  • What is the planned content of the document;
  • For whom the text is written;
  • Why you are writing it.
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Having accepted the goals of the report you should start to collect useful information: you possibly have some already. You may start organizing the document earlier than you have collected all the information. Having the information it can be easier to evaluate the amount of work.

Shape of Chapters

As the framework of the document is split into sections – chapters – so must every division should be subdivided. Each chapter needs to have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion or an overview.


References are essential and are used for a number of motives:

  • To show the resource of information to confirm statements that you have made;
  • To inform the reader what is a full-size or extra particular subject detail.

An amazing way of conveying this information is to ensure that the abstract contains the keywords that will be recognized by a reader conversant with the discipline.

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