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5 Reasons We Love No Shave November

Ahhhh, Movember. What a great time to be alive. Initially starting on Facebook in 2009, Movember (or Moustache November, or No Shave Novemeber) has had men and women of all ages growing out their body hair to raise money for prostate and testicular cancer (some wom…


10 Signs You’re a Visual Arts Major

Visual Arts is a major that pertains to inner emotion, self motivation and creativity. Qualities needed to be successful as a Visual Arts major are not ones that everyone can adopt, so it can be a pretty big deal and unique to be one. Visual Arts is extremely broad,…


5 Ways to Change Up Your Style

Sometimes I get bored with my outfits, realizing my go-to’s have become way too frequent and my casual flare, lifeless. That’s when I know it’s time to switch up my style, which changes like the color of my hair (and if you know me that means quite often). Considering that t…


5 Tips to Pull Off Dark Lipstick this Fall

It’s all about confidence. When you put on that dark lipstick you bought the other day, you just have to own it. People will look at you because wearing dark lipstick can go one of two ways: either you do it right and look like you got a makeover from…

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15 Affordable Fall Coats and Jackets

The leaves are changing colors, Thanksgiving dinner is close and more importantly, your closet demands a Fall renewal. While there are tons of items necessary to give your wardrobe the revamping it needs for the season, one basic piece you MUST have is a coat or …


How to Recreate Your Favorite Fall Outfits

With the onset of the fall season, you’ve probably noticed a bit of a climate change on campus. Whether you’re a fan of the colder weather, or you could simply do without it – one thing’s for certain – the fall trends hav…

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