10 affordable clothing websites you didn’t know about!

As the weather is getting colder, we are all looking for affordable places to shop for Fall fashion. Are you looking for the perfect aztec cardigan, tan riding boots, or an infinity scarf ? Those 5 clothing boutiques have tons of affordable options for the trendy (but broke) fashionistas out there. Even better, most of these stores offer student discounts!

10 affordable clothing website you didn't know about

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Julie Houta

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Julie is a Parisian living in Boston. Graduated from Bentley Univerisity with a Masters in Marketing, she is currently Editor at srtrends.

The Cutest Fall Dresses: All Styles Under $50!

Dresses are to be worn all year round! Leg-baring styles are definitely not exclusive to the warmer months, just pull on some tights or leggings and you’re good to go. In fact, little dresses can look extra stylish when paired with some stylish boots or edgy booties. My favorite Fall look is a pastel colored chiffon dress with a leather jacket, the contrast can bring a Summer dress into Fall.  If you want to wear a mini dress with pumps, just throw on a knee length trench or jacket over your outfit until you reach your destination, and consider wearing long sleeves to balance the look. Trends change quickly, we want instant gratification, and we’re all about avoiding post-shopping regret which is why all of these styles featured are under $50! Not only that but you can get a discount from StudentRate on top of the affordable prices. Just click through the image to get the deal!

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Prints are everywhere this Fall! Chevron, Aztec, and floral (in stronger hues, save the tropical prints for Summer) prints look great with an otherwise simple outfit. Pair prints with a solid-colored neutral scarf or complimentary cardigan and you’re ready for the season. The styles above are from Necessary Clothing.

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Gone are the days that people actually listened to the rule that you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day. Winter white is totally trending right now, it looks especially chic with long sleeves, a high-neck, and other details that make it clear that it’s not a Summertime dress. The 4 styles above are from ASOS.

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The ubiquitous little black dress is back…actually, it never left. The LBD is one of the few pieces that can be appropriate every day of the year. You really just can’t have enough, there are millions of styles to choose from and you know that you’ll be able to wear them indefinitely because they aren’t going out of style anytime soon. Dress them down during the day with boots, flats, or oxfords. Still simple even with detailing, LBD’s can be paired with statement shoes like red patent flats or fringe booties. Throw on a cute jacket and go about your day! Bring the same dress into the nighttime with heels and a cropped warm jacket. The above styles are from LuLus.


Ombré Ombré Ombré

Started by Drew Barrimore and Julia Roberts  in 2010, the Ombre look has been hot all summer – from hair to jeans, nails and curtains… Ombre is everywhere. As we put away our bathing suits and took out our Fall boots, some were claiming that the trend was over. But we don’t believe it

Ombré is a French word meaning “to shade” and is often used to describe a dip-dye effect given to fabric in which the shades of color graduate from light to dark. Ok now that we all have a little background on the subject. Ombré is the newest, hottest look to hit the market. Ranging from hair to nails to clothes to home decor, ombré is everywhere you look. Some people feel they can’t pull off the extreme dark-to-light hair look, if you fall in  that category, no problem! A simple ombré pant or nail is a perfect way to add the trend in non-permanent, adorable way.  Check out some cute ways of incorporating ombré into your everyday life.

First up: Hair

This look works best for light and darker brunettes (sorry all you blonde bombshells out there) sometimes for you blondies,  ombré can just look like you have bad roots, so  user beware! If you are getting it done, make sure you go to a trusted hair dresser so you don’t end up looking like a hot mess.  If you are adventurous and trying to save some money, check out this great Ombre DIY guide . When done right, it will look super hot and trendy!

Second at Bat: Nails

There are a few ways to pull off the Ombré nail look. Here to our left each nail can individually  go from light to dark or on the right you can have each nail be a different shade of the same color.  What you chose, is up to you, but the world is your oyster, so you really have no limits on colors and styles here. This is a great way to add the ombré look in a more subtle way, but still get the high fashion look you were going for. Or you buy this great set from Urban Outfitters for only $22 + 5% cash back.


Why not add an inexpensive pair of ombré tights to your collection? Super cute and makes your legs look uber long. Check these out from Modcloth, only $14.99 before our discount and cash back!


or perhaps a pair of cute skinny jeans?

There are from Necessary clothing and are under $40.

One other last option would be home decor

Pick a color you love and that blends well with the decor in any room that you have and run with it. The best thing about ombré is that it can match several different tones or hues of the same color, so you don’t have to match it perfectly and it can still look amazing.

Here achieve the look by painting the drawers of a dresser different shades. Hint: you can get paint samples from the hardware store that would be enough for each drawer!

Or another option would be to add some type of ombré material into the room, either blanket, pillow, drape or curtain to add that punch of color and flair to any boring dorm room or apartment that you can’t paint.

Making something ombré is actually not that hard.  Check this link out to see how you can do it yourself!

However you choose to do it, whether subtle, or out there for the world to see, ombré is a hit.  Done in the right way, it can add style and class to any ordinary everyday look. With not much effort you can go from boring to fabulous in minutes.






Costume Idea of The Day


Who doesn’t like to get drunk and write on things? Not only is this a fun, cheap, and easy costume for you, it will also provide you with plenty of laughs the morning after. That’s when you learn what your friends really think of you.

Things you will need

  • 2 cardboard boxes same size (flattened)
  • Small cardboard box (not flattened)
  • White garbage bags
  • Tin foil
  • 2 belts/pieces of rope
  • Sharpies of various colors
  • Staples/tape
  • Scissors

How to make it:

  1. Flatten your two cardboard boxes
  2. Stretch the white garbage bags across the flatten boxes. Make sure that they are stretched tightly across the front with any excess tucked behind.
  3. Staple/tape the excess bag in the back so that it is out of view.
  4. Now you will be making the shoulder straps. Take your scissors and punch two slits on top of each board. These only have to be wide enough to slide the belt/ or rope through. They also have to be far enough part for your head to fit in-between.
  5. Now slide the belts into the slits and connect the two boards together.
  6. Take your Tin foil and outline each board. This is the frame that goes around.
  7. Now you just need a ledge to place your markers. To do this cut your third small box so that it forms a little ledge. Then tape it to the front board and drop your markers in.
  8. Throw it on your shoulders and you are all set.

For more great Halloween costumes at a great discounted price check out Spirit Halloween.com 

[SR]’s Guide to Halloween

Halloween is all about the costume. – Sure it’s easy to act too cool for Halloween. You can sit around until five minutes before going out than frantically start searching for an idea. However, that would just make you the bozo standing in a corner with a blue long sleeve shirt and sweat pants trying too hard to pass your outfit off as a pair of scrubs. Desperation may make you a doctor, but it will make you one that won’t be dishing out any full body exams that night. No, those will be reserved for the people who actually put work into their costume.

This may sound dumb, but putting work into your costume may help turn a night of terror into a one night fantasy. If you’re willing to put some actual effort into your costume you may just find that Halloween can really bring out the coolest, sexiest, and most fun version of you. This is because once you put the effort into constructing your costume you will have a more vested interest in showcasing it. The more thought and details you put into your costume the more talking points you will have. Remember Halloween is the one night a year you are allowed to be someone else. If you actually work at assuming a persona you may just feel that much freer at a party or social situation. I’ll get more into that later.

For now, let’s start with building your costume. Try and start with a topic or idea you are truly interested in. From there, inspiration can truly come from anywhere. You will find that once you start having fun it will be easier to be creative.

Search through your dorm room, your friend’s closet, or your parent’s basement. Try and find a starting point, that one piece of clothing, accessory, or prop you can build your costume from. You can also try searching costume sites as a way to get new ideas, or find the right costume that works for you. A great place to begin that search and save money is on the Studentrate.com costume section. This may also be a great place to find the finishing touches you need to complete your costume such as glitter, makeup, or a wig.

Just remember your costume says a lot about you. Whether you are constructing it from scratch, or purchasing one online try and add an element that makes it more your own. A great way to do that is to follow rule number two.

Customs should have props – Why? Because they are fun, handy, and can really lead to a good time. Take for example the addition of a gun to your cowboy or army outfit. Replace that six shooter or AK with a simple squirt gun or super soaker. By stocking your holster with a squirt gun what you’ve really down is disguised your vodka bottle. Now, feel free to bring your “accessory” into the bar. Make friends by giving people “shooters”, or make your drinks that much stronger. Use the studentrate.com links to K-Mart or Wal-mart.com to receive cash back on guns such as these:

Pictures from (http://www.walmart.com/ip/My-Sunshine-Splash-Cyber-X-5-Water-Guns/16504502)

Halloween turns Nightmare into a Fantasy – If you are a freshman guy its possible Halloween may soon jump Christmas as your favorite holiday. Every college party is a dress slip away form an episode of Girls-gone-Wild. It doesn’t matter if you go to school in South Carolina or Rhode Island; it seems a majority of college girls can’t find a Halloween custom without the prefix “sexy” attached. You will never see girls more scantily clad than on a college campus during Halloween. But, hey it’s a day of self-expression, remember to use that to your advantage.

picture from ( http://unofficialnetworks.com)

How many nights do you wish you had a cheat sheet that told you the best way to talk to that cute girl or boy standing in the corner? Well, on Halloween that’s exactly what you’re given. A costume can really tell you about a person. That’s a key reason for you to put the work into your costume. When you’re out that night you will see the pay off. Take cues from their costume. Use what they give you to complaint them on their creativity, or lead in with a joke. If you get stuck on talking points don’t be afraid to slip into the persona of your costume. You might even try finding where your costumes overlap. It’s pretty easy for Aladdin to spark up a conversation with Jasmine, or a doctor to find their nurse. Thanks to the addition of costumes Halloween really is the one night a year where pick-up lines are acceptable.



However no matter what happens that night please remember to be safe 

The next day can easily convert that fantasy into a nightmare – Halloween is like a dream. It may be a night filled with skimpy outfits, inside jokes, and a colorful cast of characters, but it’s still a dream grounded in reality. Bad decisions that night won’t simply fade after Cinderella loses her glass slipper during her walk of shame. Have fun, but be safe. Ladies this is especially true for you, and always remember….

Beware of Stranger Danger – From Candy to beer and mixed drinks the main rule of Halloween hasn’t changed since you were a little kid. When accepting any treats from strangers it’s always safer to consume something that’s unopened. Just because you’ve opted to prowl the party scene for bud lights and Jello-shots instead of canvasing the neighborhood for Kit-Kats it doesn’t mean you’re clear from the worries of stranger danger. Actually it’s quite the opposite. It might actually be worse. Remember to be smart. When you’re at a party where you don’t know anyone an unopened beer is always safest. Sure, that foamy pink drink looks fruity, but it might just be hiding a razor blade of a completely different sort. Have fun on Halloween, but don’t be stupid.

Win an HP Envy Ultrabook!

Who doesn’t love giveaways? Even at the slight chance you would win, the thought of possibly winning  a free laptop, to do with it WHATEVER you wanted is completely appealing. HP has partnered with Studentrate to offer our members the HP Envy Ultrabook.

At under 5lbs this laptop would be perfect to bring to class or wherever and not have to worry about it taking up a ton of space, or weighing your bag down.  Retailing for around $600, taking the 5 minutes to enter at studentrate.com and then registering at HP Academy is 5 minutes well spent.  Just think, the majority of participants will only register in one of the two places, leaving you with even BETTER odds of winning. Who doesn’t love winning? Charlie Sheen loves winning, doesn’t he??

Luxury Without the Price Tag

It’s not only girls who are the ones looking for fashionable clothes that are affordable, guys are too!! With that, usually when you find “affordable,” you compromise quality. Well now you don’t have to. You can find  the new trends, the right price tag, and quality, all at boohoo.com.

Studentrate.com offers 7% cash back on your entire order.

The Winny Lace Contrast Chiffon Dress

 The Multi-Pocket Hooded Jacket

You can also shop magazine looks on boohoo.com!! Create all the celebrity looks and find out what items were featured in all the hottest magazines.