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What Every Girl Needs For A Night Out

By the first weekend of school every girl starts to realize there are just some things you can’t leave your dorm without. You must be on point from top to bottom all night long. We have all the essentials every girl needs for a night out, and where to ge…


Costume Idea of The Day

Whiteboard Who doesn’t like to get drunk and write on things? Not only is this a fun, cheap, and easy costume for you, it will also provide you with plenty of laughs the morning after. That’s when you learn what your friends really think of you. Things you will need 2 cardboard boxes sam…


Stud Up Your Jeans!

      Have you been wondering where everyone is getting their distressed & studded up jeans from? You can either spend a fortune with a designer brand or go back to the basics and start with a simple pair of jean to make these studded cuffed jeans.   Find any color studs a…


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