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A Letter to My Fellow Freshmen

Dear fellow freshman, I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase knowledge is power.  It’s often that the most powerful and most influential people in the world are the most intelligent in their own respect, and know what is of them and around them. You’ve worked hard for four years in …

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5 Mistakes to Avoid Your Freshman Year

The end of summer is already nearing! No matter how you’ve spent your summer, we all know that the first day back at college is quickly approaching and for some of us it is the first day of college ever. There are some mistakes you should avoid making y…


Messy Hair Do Care

Let’s face it… Looking glamorous and put together in an 8am lecture after a long night out is not exactly easy to do. Not to fear though kiddies, we are here to give you a few tricks to fool anyone into thinking that you got your mandated 8 hours of beauty rest. 1. No time […]

College Can be Fun!!
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