The Top 3 Places to Get Dorm Decor

One of the most exciting aspects of moving into your own dorm or apartment is being able to live life your way. If you want to transform your room into a bohemian, incensed escape than hang up those tapestries and do it up. If the classic prep style is more you, then monogram away! Because the design and decor of your space can considerably affect your mood and happiness, it would be of benefit to you to choose the colors, styles, and decor that speak to you and reflect your personal taste. Besides, who doesn’t love shopping for cool and interesting things to decorate your room with?!

1) Urban Outfitters: From glowing sunset prints to unique elephant images- UO’s bedspreads and comforters are pretty much works of art. I can’t get enough of the gorgeous artsy styles and may have to grab a couple…or 3 or 4. Especially if your room is small, a statement comforter will bring some life into the area without overcrowding it by ways of hanging too much on the walls or stifling up the limited space with extra furniture and bulky items like lamps. Besides being a top destination for stylish bedding, Urban Outfitters has a great selection of trendy room accessories like jewelry stands, wall hooks, and over-the-door organizers.

Dorm Decor  Dorm Decor

Dorm Decor  Dorm Decor

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(Top: Plum & Bow Painted Hills Duvet Cover $89.00, Terry Fan For DENY Reincarnate Duvet Cover $129.00. Bottom: Magical Thinking Marble Duvet Cover $99.00, Shannon Clark For DENY Love Under The Stars Duvet Cover $129.00.)

2) Target: Affordable and cute home accessories are hard to find, but luckily Target has a variety of artwork, stylish shelving, and functional wall decor that won’t break the bank. I especially love the multifunctional wall decor options that give you the option of writing notes (reminders for yourself and your roommates!) and post things like take-out menus, lists, and photos. Mirrors can illuminate a small room, making it seem larger and brighter. If a room has no windows, a wider mirror will reflect some light from lamps and overhead lights. A floor length mirror is a must as we all need to give our outfit a once-over before leaving for the day, but you can also look into decorative mirrors that double as a statement piece for the wall.

Another tip to make a small room appear more spacious is to insure that the draperies or curtains are in the same color family as the walls to avoid contrast. Using light colors and neutrals as wall colors visually open up a room  as they are space expanders and provide a neutral background for furniture and wall decor, where you can really play up the colors, prints, and textures! A college necessity is the “boyfriend pillow,” or a pillow that supports your back as you study or read on your bed, or surf Netflix.

Dorm Decor  Dorm Decor

 Dorm Decor Dorm Decor

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(Top: Multifunctional Wall Decor $29.99, Threshold™ Round Tiled Mirror $29.99. Bottom:  Large Corner Shelf $39.99, Textured Bedrest $42.99)

Anthropologie: Beautiful products of high-quality with a bohemian flair mixed in can be found at Anthropologie. From one of a kind items (some products are discovered by buyers at Parisian flea markets) to floaty curtains to embroidered pillows from Peru- if you are looking for amazing statement pieces that you will treasure for years, Anthropologie will have unique finds that will catch your eye. Luxe items like sheepskin pillows and silk lampshades are available, but there are also affordable options that are in line with the same contemporary trendy style. Splurging on a couple stand-out decor items can really add to the depth and interest that your room conveys, and can really be a conversation piece! If you smile every time you look at a piece of art, it may just be worth it. You don’t want the same overdone Bob Marley and Keep Calm posters that everyone has, do you?

There are many economical ways to add a luxurious, upscale touch to your place. Choose quality materials like metals over plastics (check out the bronze desk organizer below), natural fabrics over synthetics (cotton bedding and cushions instead of polyester blends), and genuine wood instead of faux materials. Instead of loading up on many cheap accessories, consider that often the overall feel can look better with fewer pieces and thus, less clutter. You can also make DIY projects that are truly special, get ideas here. The possibilities are endless as far as creating your own accessories and adding a twist to furniture. Sift through thrift stores and flea markets to find awesome home goods and deals, such as wooden furniture that you can paint and make your own.

 Dorm Decor Dorm Decor

 Dorm Decor Dorm Decor

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(Top: Codify Pencil Holder $48.00, Paper Clip Letter Holder $12.00. Bottom: Flutter Pattern Rug $78, Zocalo Embroidered Quilt $198.00.)

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The Best Makeup: Splurges vs Steals

When shopping for makeup, it’s so easy to gravitate towards the pretty designer label and the luxe little box that makeup can come in. But what we really want to know is, what products are worth the price? And on what products can I take the cheaper route? Let’s break down the categories and see what’s worth the splurge and what’s not!

1) Primer: Splurge or steal! Primer creates a smooth, hydrated surface so makeup can look flawless and stay for an extended period of time. If you are just looking for a basic first step in your makeup routine then this would be a steal! e.l.f.’s $6 primer works just as well as many pricier options out there.

However, if you’re looking for something extra like sun protection, then you should splurge for a primer with SPF 15 such as the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, especially if you know that you won’t go through the hassle of applying sunscreen in the morning. There are tinted primers out there that have all the bells and whistles like brightening flecks, a sheer tint, and even colored primers that enhance your skin tone, like a slight green shade if you’re face tends to look pink.

Get a discount on e.l.f. Cosmetics here!

1a 2a

2) Tinted moisturizer/foundation: Splurge! If there is one beauty product that you should shell out extra cash for, it is your tinted moisturizer or foundation because it needs to be perfectly matched with your skin tone, and pricier brands tend to have more all-encompassing shades and fade to match flawlessly. If your skin is a couple shades darker in the Summer then you should have another foundation for those tanner months! Having a quality foundation that lasts and that suits your skin type can make all the difference. I recommend Laura Mercier’s oil-free tinted moisturizer with SPF 20 for daily use and Makeup For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation for going out at night or special occasions.

3a 4a

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3) Nail Polish: Steal! What you’re really paying for when you shell out extra cash for a Chanel or YSL nail polish is the brand name, which doesn’t mean prettier nails! You can get very similar colors for under a few bucks, including a glossy topcoat which will pull your nail look together. When was the last time that you used an entire bottle of nail polish? Most of us have a collection of our favorite colors and move on to the next one when we get bored…or distracted by a new nail trend like ombre nails or glitter! Nail polish is one of those things, like chap-stick, that we absolutely relish having a million of and our habit doesn’t have to break the bank because they can be so cheap!

5a 6a

4) Eyeliner: Splurge or steal! For an everyday subtly defined look, a cheap eyeliner will do the trick. Elf has eyeliners for just a few bucks. Some cheaper eyeliners don’t blend as easily, but you can use a eyeshadow brush to smudge the eyeliner in with some eyeshadow for a natural appearance. You will probably want a pricier eyeliner for a more dramatic look, as kohl eyeliners and similar densely pigmented types are more blendable, last longer, and give more oomf to your look. The Marc Jacobs Highliner is very popular and is $25.

15a 16a

5) Blush: Steal! When shopping for a great blush, you’re just looking to find a pretty color that fits in with your skin tone. Powder blushes work better on oily skin as they set better, but cream blushes tend to last longer. As long as you find a color that you like and that looks natural on you, you can save money but looking into inexpensive options. I love e.l.f’s studio HD blush, I have it in the bright pink shade “Diva” and it is so quick and easy to use, just blend a tiny bit (less than a pea size) as if it were lotion and you’ll have some cute color all day. However, if you’re looking for that perfect color that looks good from Summer to Winter and every day in between, NARS carries a blush in “orgasm” that is a cult favorite of women everywhere.

blusha narsa

Mascara: Splurge! Every girl knows the frustration that comes with clumpy mascara, and has had to deal with spidery eyelashes because the mascara wand wasn’t able to comb out the excess. Truth is, not all mascara is made the same, and they can all create drastically different looks. Whether you want some length and definition, or noticeable volume, or if you don’t have naturally black eyelashes and need color, you can find mascaras that cater to your needs. Although a lasting, non-irritating formula is a must, the effectiveness of the mascara is in the brush. Better quality mascaras will have brushes that maximize volume, lift, and curl, and the straight-across mascara wands from the drugstore may not do the trick. Sephora offers the Lash Stash which is 11 piece mascara set so you can try out different brands to find your favorite!

11a 12a

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Images: 1 2 3

Tommy Hilfiger: Save up to 70%

Tommy Hilfiger’s styles for men and women are timeless. You know that they’ll be in style season after season and they’re so versatile that they can be worn with many pieces already in your wardrobe. The bright colors, preppy stripes and prints, and classic silhouettes like the trench coat can be mixed and matched in countless combinations. StudentRate always offers 7% cash back when you shop at Tommy Hilfiger, but until 9/30, you can use an exclusive promo code to get 25% off $200 or 15% off order at Tommy Hilfiger Company Store with an additional 7% cash back stacked on top!

2a 10a 8a 3a

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4a 5a 6a 7a

One of Tommy Hilfiger‘s trademarks is the use of the quintessential patriotic American colors: classic red, white, and navy. The colors look great together, and the neutral elements like a tan trench or cream skirt bring out the vividness of the styles. The trench coat is the must-have item for Fall, and I love that you can dress it up and down effortlessly with just a switch of flats to heels, or from jeans to a little black dress!

Workout Clothes: How to Pick the Best Fitness Apparel

We all know how important it is to lead an active lifestyle, but if you’re like most of us you struggle to find the time or the motivation to work out. Get some fitness inspiration here, pencil in some exercise time into your planner, and get moving! It may sound ridiculous, but if I have cute and comfortable clothes and sneakers to work out in, I feel compelled to make use of them. You’re not going to let your new neon sneakers and pretty yoga pants go to waste, are you?! Here are some tips to choosing the best workout clothes so you’ll wear them again and again on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

1) Choosing the right sports bra. An astonishing 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. It is even more imperative that you are wearing the correct bra size when you exercise because it can honestly be uncomfortable if you’re not! Especially for curvier women, wearing the wrong size bra can make running and other high-impact activities painful, and can even contribute to lower back pain. Don’t hesitate to ask an employee for a bra fitting (Victoria’s Secret employees do them all day long), and get second opinions once in a while because they’re not always accurate and your bra size may change with weight fluctuation. I have a couple high-impact sports bras from Under Armour, and trust me they do the trick unlike some that may as well be those useless “built-in” tank tops! The fact that you can get 12.5% cash back even on top of sales makes me want to splurge on another one…


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If you’re going to be doing high-impact activities (which include most cardio-driven movements from jogging to crossfit to playing sports) then you should be looking at maximum impact bras where the band at the bottom is tight and the bra straps do not fall down. Adjustable straps and racer-back styles are the best. When you try them on you should jump up and down a little to see if it gives the right support! If you’re doing yoga or walking then wearing a medium-impact sports bra may be more comfortable, but know that often the elastic materials will stretch over time and sports bras need to be replaced periodically.

2) Selecting bottoms. Generally, synthetic materials are better for exercise because they wick away sweat unlike cotton which can become damp and uncomfortable (not to mention that it’s just gross if your T-shirt is soaked). Spandex capris tend to be the best for most types of exercise because they are form fitting, have a wide range of motion, you don’t have to worry about showing too much skin if you’re running, and material covers your thighs so you don’t have to deal with chafing. If you’re wearing shorts you may want to wear spandex short-shorts under so the material doesn’t ride up, some shorts actually come with an under layer built in. When it is cold, you will probably want to wear long spandex and you can layer with a thermal material or sweatpants.


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3) Choosing the right sneakers. The importance of selecting the right footwear can’t be downplayed! Sneakers can last from a couple months for a serious runner to a couple years depending on how much use you get out of them. It is said that a sneaker’s lifespan is between 300-500 miles of wear, depending on a variety of factors like your weight, the cushioning of the shoe, if you wear them when you’re not working out, etc. Replace them before you start to notice that the cushioning is wearing down to avoid any pain in the knees or hips. You should determine what kind of arch you have so you can look into getting the right insoles. People can have high arches, regular arches, collapsed arches, and flat feet. To figure out what type you have click here.

4) Running at night. Reflectors, reflectors, reflectors. I am so far from stylish when I wear a reflector vest when I go for a jog with my dog at night, but it’s better than being hit by a car. Wearing white and neon really doesn’t cut it when you’re out in the dark. Ideally, you should be wearing reflectors on top, on your pants, and maybe even your sneakers in addition to perhaps having a flash light, but at minimum you should be wearing one item of clothing that will make you stand out from the dark. You should not be wearing headphones because it’s dangerous to not be able to hear the sounds of cars approaching. Enjoy the sound of you getting into shape!


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I hope that these tips were helpful, stay stylish & healthy! Feel free to browse this Pinterest board Workout Style for fitness fashion inspiration.

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The Cutest Fall Dresses: All Styles Under $50!

Dresses are to be worn all year round! Leg-baring styles are definitely not exclusive to the warmer months, just pull on some tights or leggings and you’re good to go. In fact, little dresses can look extra stylish when paired with some stylish boots or edgy booties. My favorite Fall look is a pastel colored chiffon dress with a leather jacket, the contrast can bring a Summer dress into Fall.  If you want to wear a mini dress with pumps, just throw on a knee length trench or jacket over your outfit until you reach your destination, and consider wearing long sleeves to balance the look. Trends change quickly, we want instant gratification, and we’re all about avoiding post-shopping regret which is why all of these styles featured are under $50! Not only that but you can get a discount from StudentRate on top of the affordable prices. Just click through the image to get the deal!

1a 2a5a6a

Prints are everywhere this Fall! Chevron, Aztec, and floral (in stronger hues, save the tropical prints for Summer) prints look great with an otherwise simple outfit. Pair prints with a solid-colored neutral scarf or complimentary cardigan and you’re ready for the season. The styles above are from Necessary Clothing.

12a 14a15a 16a

Gone are the days that people actually listened to the rule that you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day. Winter white is totally trending right now, it looks especially chic with long sleeves, a high-neck, and other details that make it clear that it’s not a Summertime dress. The 4 styles above are from ASOS.

50a 51a 52a 53a

The ubiquitous little black dress is back…actually, it never left. The LBD is one of the few pieces that can be appropriate every day of the year. You really just can’t have enough, there are millions of styles to choose from and you know that you’ll be able to wear them indefinitely because they aren’t going out of style anytime soon. Dress them down during the day with boots, flats, or oxfords. Still simple even with detailing, LBD’s can be paired with statement shoes like red patent flats or fringe booties. Throw on a cute jacket and go about your day! Bring the same dress into the nighttime with heels and a cropped warm jacket. The above styles are from LuLus.


Fall Fashion Trends: 2013

It’s that time of year again when we have to sadly put away our flip-flops…but the good thing is that Fall fashion can be the trendiest season of the year! This is because Fall weather means that you’ll be able to wear the broadest variety of clothing on a daily basis, due to being able to play with layering and that the season is sunny enough to wear floral prints and cold enough to bring out your scarves and cute jackets. These are the top 3 trends this Fall, so gear up to take it by storm. Click through each image to get an exclusive discount!

1) Plaid. You can wear plaid in so many ways, from over-sized flannel shirts over leggings to a classic plaid jacket to a schoolgirl-chic plaid skirt. It’s key to keep everything else simple and let the bold print have its moment. The trendy plaid styles below are from Boohoo.

4a 5a 6a 7a

2) Leather. Leather is very versatile and does not have to scream “biker chick” (unless you want it to, in which case pile on the leather, metallic hardware, and do your thing). You can pair leather pieces that are in line with your personal style, like pairing a leather mini with a pink ruffly top, or layering a slouchy sweater over leather leggings. Avoid wearing head-to-toe leather and experiment beyond black leather: burgundy, brown, and khaki are also great options that will match well with your Fall wardrobe. The leather bottoms are from Forever21 and the leather bag and boots are from Nordstrom.

8a 9a30a 31a

3) Cutouts are still going strong! Rejuvenate the look for Fall by choosing jewel tones and neutrals over pastels. Balance the skin-baring cutouts by covering up where else skin is exposed. If the cutouts on top give you a backless look, wear tights or skinny jeans. You can also wear a long sleeved top or dress with unexpected side cutouts. The top row of peekaboo styles is from Charlotte Russe and the bottom row is from Boohoo.

16a 17a 19a 32a

Other trends that we will see this Fall are emerald green (the color has been heating up the runways and is flattering on every skin tone), velvet, military-chic styles, and fur. Layering will be big, wear a tank, cardigan, leather jacket, and your favorite scarf at the same time. Switch up scarves to make your favorite jacket look new each time. Hit up StudentRate, your online portal for exclusive discounts for these cute styles and whatever else catches your eye!

How to Save Money When Shopping Online

You can think of shopping as a sport. There are wins and losses, strategies, and tricks to give you an advantage. Maybe you’ve experienced that adrenaline rush you get when you scored an awesome purchase at an unbeatable deal, almost like scoring a goal with 2 seconds left on the quarter, no? I can’t be the only one. Shopping is fun-and being good at it is a valuable skill that can save you a lot of money and foster smart financial habits. As young adults, we’re not exactly rolling in the dough, but this is the time that we are young and free enough to experiment with new looks and styles. We’re so busy that we often just don’t have the time for going out shopping, dealing with traffic and parking, and wandering the mall. The convenience of online shopping is there at our fingertips when we have a free moment and when we’re on the go. Let me pass on some tips that I’ve learned over the years as to how to find the best deals and save money.

1) Never pay full price. There are some exceptions to this, like if the item is a gift. If you find something that you know your friend/boyfriend/roommate etc. would absolutely love and it’s full price, first do some research and see if you can get a deal, and if not get it anyway. There are some things that “never go on sale,” and maybe they won’t. Check out to see if you can get cash back on your purchase, which is a convenient way to get a discount on items that are full price. The way it works is you sign up for free, find the deal (StudentRate has hundreds, but some very popular deals are Nordstrom, Forever21, ASOS), and click through which will bring you to the website that you want to shop at. StudentRate also offers promo codes, free shipping, etc. depending on the brand. If a deal has cash back, then the money will be deposited in your StudentRate account after the transaction has gone through (this can take effect immediately or a few weeks depending on the brand). This money can then be deposited to your PayPal account or sent to your home as a check.

2) Shop at the end of each season. Most of us forget to do this, because who feels like spending their money on a winter jacket when Summer is just around the corner? Or a bikini as soon as Fall hits? But markdowns are the steepest at the end of the season where companies are trying to get rid of inventory to make room for the in-season pieces. You may be thinking “But aren’t those items not going to be in style next year?” You should purchase only more classic styles at the end of a season, like a peacoat or riding boots, because they will be in style next year, as they have been in style for decades. For the more trendy styles like peplum tops or even seasonally popular colors like mint, I’d recommend that you buy them from more affordable across the line stores like LuLus, Necessary Clothing, and Boohoo, so that when the trend fades you won’t be kicking yourself.

3) Find and use promo codes. Simply Google “promo code,” “coupon,” or “discount” when shopping online to see if there are available deals. Some brands are known to use them so frequently that you may want to hold off until they are being offered, which may only be a week or two. Look on the website to see if there are any special offers for signing up, sometimes if you join their email list you will be given a first time shopper discount code. You can always unsubscribe from their emails after you use it. Shop online through StudentRate and get the discount and cash back. Many companies offer free shipping, but if a brand doesn’t you can always see if a friend wants to order with you, seriously! In college my roommate and I ordered stuff together, if you can save $10 bucks you should do it!

4) Check out flash sales and daily deals. Subscribe to sites like Groupon or Living Social for fun activities and more at a discount! Recently, my friends and I bought a waterfall rappelling Groupon on a whim and it turned out to be an amazing experience that we wouldn’t have had if we hadn’t seen it in an email and noticed what a great deal it was! Going on a whale watch cruise or going skydiving full-price can tip the scale of many 20-somethings’ budgets, but you may find a limited time only deal that works for you. Flash deal sites like RueLaLa and iDeeli offer designer and brand name items at a steep discount for a very limited amount of time to purchase (some last less than 24 hours). The items range from Fendi sunglasses to BCBG bags to bedding and sheets from W Hotels! How clutch would it be to have 5 star worthy sheets every night of the week?

5) Be aware of the return policy before you order. Some online stores do not offer returns on select items, usually sale or clearance, and this would be important to know if you are not certain that something will fit or be to your liking. It may be a great price, but if it doesn’t fit and you cannot return or exchange it then it can be a waste of money. You could try to sell it on eBay or something, but who has time for that? Some stores make you pay for return shipping which can be expensive if you have to ship back something heavy like shoes or if the brand is from overseas.

6) Utilize available options to save money. Check out mobile apps on your favorite stores to see if they give special discounts to their app users, like free shipping. Check out your favorite brands on Facebook to see if they have special deals for people who have “liked” their page: this can range from Facebook only special sales to letting you know of sales and promo codes that you can use in addition to StudentRate’s cash back deals! Use a search engine to compare prices, sometimes a retailer will have the item at a cheaper price point and sometimes the brand will, especially if they are having a semi-annual sale.

7) If you are a student, take advantage of student discounts. Apple, Lenovo, Dell, Best Buy, and other electronics/tech companies offer student discounts, some of them require that you actually be a student while others are much more lenient. If you are looking to purchase a laptop, TV, or other big-ticket items you should definitely seek out this option. StudentRate is full of discounts, some of them only eligible for current students but most are for anyone. Check out the brands, and look into local deals to see if you can get student discounts from places around you. Maybe you’re like most of us and paying full price on your cell phone bill (Verizon offers a student discount) or at the movies (look into when and where student discounts are offered) or at Subway, but you shouldn’t much longer! When you’re in college or grad school, saving a few bucks here and there can really make a difference.

8) Use credit, but do not spend money you do not have. Credit card debt is very dangerous, and I urge you to only get a credit card if you know that you can be fiscally responsible. If you’re have a steady income, then using credit instead of cash or debit can be very rewarding as there are many available credit card options that earn you benefits from cash back to earning miles for travel. If you are able to consistently pay your bills on time then there is no reason for you to forgo potential benefits (not to mention building credit) to pay with cash. Compare multiple options and read the fine print. Discover is one company that offers a student credit card that has no annual fee and gives you cash back.

I hope these tips were helpful to you, happy shopping!

images: 1 2

Buy Makeup on a Budget

Every girl wants to be able to buy the high quality makeup, but it can be hard to justify spending $36 just to buy one lipstick. Luckily, there are places where you can buy some that will last all day and won’t smudge or make your face look streaky, without paying the same price as a shirt from Charlotte Russe or something. Stores like e.l.f, Shany, and Beauty Online Supply provide customers with quality makeup for low prices.

e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeliner, e.l.f. Mineral Blush

e.l.f. Studio Shimmer Palette, e.l.f. Gem Powder Brush

Shop at e.l.f. with Studentrate to get 5% cash back!


budgetmakeup4 budgetmakeup6Shany Nail Sticker-Snow, “Let’s Make Waves” 28 Colors Palette

budgetmakeup5 budgetmakeup8Shany Tote Bag, Shany Pro Studio Quality ZGF Premium Goat Hair Brush Set

Get discounts on Shany through Studentrate! Enter StudentRate1 at check out to get 20% off a $75 purchase, or enter StudentRate2 to get $10 off a $40 purchase!


So if you’re looking for good makeup that you can actually afford and not feel guilty about spending too much money, just check out these three stores. They have a ton of variety, so you’ll be able to find just the right color scheme for eye shadow or skin color for bronzer or concealer. They also have a ton of nail accessories, hair accessories, hair color, pretty much everything you could possibly need from any beauty store, each of these places will have it. Plus, you can get deals at all of these places with Studentrate, meaning that the already low prices will be even lower! Now makeup is affordable for everyone.

budgetmakeup12 budgetmakeup9Ruby Kisses All-Over Glow Bronzing Cream, i.ENVY Full Strip

budgetmakeup11 budgetmakeup10i.ENVY Lash Envy Express Volume Mascara,Ruby Kisses Color Design Lipstick

Get a 20% Discount and free shipping on all orders over $20 when you shop at Beauty Online Supply with Studentrate!

Finding Stylish Workout Gear

Fitness clothing and shoes has become it’s own little niche in the fashion world. Normal shorts and a t-shirt have morphed into dri-FIT tank tops and spandex shorts and capris. It can be hard to find fashionable work out gear that won’t break your budget but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some brands and items that look stylish and are affordable.


Under Armour

workoutgear21 workoutgear22 workoutgear23 workoutgear24
























Under Armour is known for its quality and innovative products, which sometimes means that it can be a little pricey. But not every thing you buy from there has to be expensive. If you’re not looking for the special technology in their shirts, they have some items that are affordable and comfortable.



workoutgear17 workoutgear20 workoutgear19 workoutgear18
























Nike also can have a reputation as being on the more expensive side sometimes, but they too have clothing that is cheap and stylish.


Forever 21

workoutgear28 workoutgear27 workoutgear26 workoutgear25























Forever 21 has come out with an activewear line called Forever 21 Sport which includes ombre workout shorts and dance body suits. It has something for the fashionista in everyone and it’s inexpensive.



workoutgear13 workoutgear14 workoutgear15 workoutgear16























Reebok has a variety of different items to fit whatever kind of exercise you choose to do. What’s special about Reebok is that it’s very involved with CrossFit and has tons of great items geared to help you do the best you can in your CrossFit program.



workoutgear1 workoutgear2 workoutgear3 workoutgear4

workoutgear6 workoutgear7 workoutgear8 workoutgear9 workoutgear10 workoutgear11 workoutgear12 workoutgear5




































































15LOVE has versatile clothing to suit you in whatever fitness endeavors you pursue. None of this clothing will break your budget and you’ll look stylish while you exercise, whether it’s biking, running a marathon, or playing a pick up game with your friends. It even has tennis dresses and skirts for all those players out there. So go do yoga or pick up rock climbing, and look trendy while doing it.


Shop at 15LOVE and use the promo code STUDENT to get a 20% discount!



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Ombré Ombré Ombré

Started by Drew Barrimore and Julia Roberts  in 2010, the Ombre look has been hot all summer – from hair to jeans, nails and curtains… Ombre is everywhere. As we put away our bathing suits and took out our Fall boots, some were claiming that the trend was over. But we don’t believe it

Ombré is a French word meaning “to shade” and is often used to describe a dip-dye effect given to fabric in which the shades of color graduate from light to dark. Ok now that we all have a little background on the subject. Ombré is the newest, hottest look to hit the market. Ranging from hair to nails to clothes to home decor, ombré is everywhere you look. Some people feel they can’t pull off the extreme dark-to-light hair look, if you fall in  that category, no problem! A simple ombré pant or nail is a perfect way to add the trend in non-permanent, adorable way.  Check out some cute ways of incorporating ombré into your everyday life.

First up: Hair

This look works best for light and darker brunettes (sorry all you blonde bombshells out there) sometimes for you blondies,  ombré can just look like you have bad roots, so  user beware! If you are getting it done, make sure you go to a trusted hair dresser so you don’t end up looking like a hot mess.  If you are adventurous and trying to save some money, check out this great Ombre DIY guide . When done right, it will look super hot and trendy!

Second at Bat: Nails

There are a few ways to pull off the Ombré nail look. Here to our left each nail can individually  go from light to dark or on the right you can have each nail be a different shade of the same color.  What you chose, is up to you, but the world is your oyster, so you really have no limits on colors and styles here. This is a great way to add the ombré look in a more subtle way, but still get the high fashion look you were going for. Or you buy this great set from Urban Outfitters for only $22 + 5% cash back.


Why not add an inexpensive pair of ombré tights to your collection? Super cute and makes your legs look uber long. Check these out from Modcloth, only $14.99 before our discount and cash back!


or perhaps a pair of cute skinny jeans?

There are from Necessary clothing and are under $40.

One other last option would be home decor

Pick a color you love and that blends well with the decor in any room that you have and run with it. The best thing about ombré is that it can match several different tones or hues of the same color, so you don’t have to match it perfectly and it can still look amazing.

Here achieve the look by painting the drawers of a dresser different shades. Hint: you can get paint samples from the hardware store that would be enough for each drawer!

Or another option would be to add some type of ombré material into the room, either blanket, pillow, drape or curtain to add that punch of color and flair to any boring dorm room or apartment that you can’t paint.

Making something ombré is actually not that hard.  Check this link out to see how you can do it yourself!

However you choose to do it, whether subtle, or out there for the world to see, ombré is a hit.  Done in the right way, it can add style and class to any ordinary everyday look. With not much effort you can go from boring to fabulous in minutes.