What to Wear to Finals

Finals is a crazy stressful time for all of us. Goodness knows we’d all love to venture out to our exams in our pajamas, and some people do, but there’s a way to be super comfortable and still be presentable. We are seeing our peers and professors, so you probably shouldn’t wear the same thing you’ve been locked in your room studying in for 3 days. Coming up is a list of a few ideas for what to wear out to your finals so you can still be cozy and comfortable, but still presentable to the rest of civilization.

What to Wear to a Final Exam

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5 European Clothing Brands you didn’t know about!

5 European brands you didn't know

Have you always wondered where Europeans buy their fabulous outfits?  Whether they are strolling the streets of Paris, exploring an art gallery in London, or partying the night away in Barcelona, ladies across the pond always set the trends, and are not afraid to push the envelope when it comes to fashion. For a long time, the only way to shop those obscure trendy European brands was to actually own a private jet and cross the Atlantic, which was not an option for most of us (we are not Queen Bey after all…).  The great news is that a lot of European brands now ship to the US and are available to shop online!

Here is our list of 5 European clothing brands you didn’t know about.

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About julie

Julie is a Parisian living in Boston. Graduated from Bentley Univerisity with a Masters in Marketing, she is currently Editor at srtrends

10 affordable clothing websites you didn’t know about!

As the weather is getting colder, we are all looking for affordable places to shop for Fall fashion. Are you looking for the perfect aztec cardigan, tan riding boots, or an infinity scarf ? Those 5 clothing boutiques have tons of affordable options for the trendy (but broke) fashionistas out there. Even better, most of these stores offer student discounts!

10 affordable clothing website you didn't know about

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About julie

Julie is a Parisian living in Boston. Graduated from Bentley Univerisity with a Masters in Marketing, she is currently Editor at srtrends

Fall Fashion Trends: In Love with Layering

Fall Fashion: Layering How-To

Fall is about embracing the changing leaves and the excess seasonal coffee flavors. But you know what else we love about fall? The layering – and lots of it. We’ve got your guide to mixing and layering  your favorite fall patterns and textures to create a completely comfy, autumn-humming look!

First things fall… I mean first:

  1. Get the staples:

Loose, basic tees

Comfortable flannels and sweaters

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Shop The 2014 Summer Sales!


Summer sales are in full swing! And with so many styles at the best prices of the year, choosing which ones to go with is half the battle. But knowing what will be trendy a year from now in 2015 is key! Will neon tops still rock the night life? Will the wave of crop tops and high waist shorts take a backseat or continue to top the fashion food chain?

The advice from our style editor is to stock up on fun prints that you can pair up with basics.

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6 Steps to Achieve that Preppy Look

Preppy: a style that has lasted the ages and withstood the many fashions that have come and gone. Preppy fashion meets bright and bold colors with clean and simple styling. We’ve got a basic how-to to kick start your preppy wardrobe.

Keep things neat and simple. A classic preppy outfit is uncluttered and fitting. Choose simple patterns or solid colors and match accordingly. Keep jewelry and accessories to a minimum and shy away from anything too busy or modern.

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