Spreading Optimism with Life is good

Feeling good and spreading good vibes – what life should be all about, right? Well at Life is good, they’re promoting just that, using their clothes and accessories as a vehicle for spreading optimism.

Life is good     Life is good


At SR Trends, we got the chance to try out some Life is good products and we’ve got only great things to say!

Life is good    Life is good

Life is good has a very casual, laid back feel to their clothing. There’s a variety of styles to fit whatever your fashions with a comfortable, easy-going focus. The apparel is simple enough to please even the pickiest of shoppers! Read more

6 Steps to Achieve that Preppy Look

Preppy: a style that has lasted the ages and withstood the many fashions that have come and gone. Preppy fashion meets bright and bold colors with clean and simple styling. We’ve got a basic how-to to kick start your preppy wardrobe.

Keep things neat and simple. A classic preppy outfit is uncluttered and fitting. Choose simple patterns or solid colors and match accordingly. Keep jewelry and accessories to a minimum and shy away from anything too busy or modern.

PreppyLook   PreppyLook

A style that’s timeless. Preppy style is very lasting – it incorporates pieces that will hardly ever go out of style. Go for a classic trouser and button down for a more mature look. Or pair a button down with solid shorts and a thin belt or an A-line skirt for summer. A preppy wardrobe can never be equipped with too many classic cardigans, either, so stock up with a bunch of different colors!

PreppyLook   PreppyLook



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Colors. A preppy wardrobe works with solid neutral colors as well as bright, bold ones. Common colors are black, white, navy blue and beige for neutrals, and pink, yellow, and lime green for a pop of fun. Use neutrals for business and colors for casual wear. Patterns like plaid, nautical stripes, argyle and floral are popular as well as cable-knit vests and sweaters for winter.

PreppyLook     PreppyLook

Jeans. Dress pants and trousers are seen a lot in preppy fashions, but jeans are just as prominent! Go for a dark wash, plain jean in a straight leg cut. Dark wash skinny jeans are also great for tucking into your styling riding boots!


Bags. Bags and purses for a preppy wardrobe are always simple and sophisticated. Try small handbags in solid colors or large, monogrammed tote bags for when you need a little extra room! Studentrate.com has discounts on all popular and preppy brands.

PreppyLook    PreppyLook

Nails and skin. A perfectly polished preppy look has finished nails and clean, natural-looking skin. For nails, choose a bright color and apply a top coat every 2 – 3 days to prevent chipping. After cleansing, use a facial toner and moisturizer before applying makeup to clear and prevent blemishes.





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Must Have’s For A Fashionable Day At The Beach

Okay, so we’re not quite all living the Laguna Beach lifestyle with Hilary Duff’s “Come Clean” playing in the background, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dress like it! Beachwear has become an everyday trend, and we’ve got the tips to a summer wardrobe even LC would love.

1.   Pack for day and night. The best beach trips are the ones spent all day in the sand, so it’s best to pack for the hot, sunny days spent in the waves and the cool, breezy nights crowded around a big bonfire.

Bsuit1 Bsuit2


Day. Of course, the bathing suit. Popular trends this year are fringe tops and strappy bottoms. Or go for a sporty bralette top and challenge your friends to a volleyball game.

Outfit1 Shoes-Acces

Pack a fun graphic tee to throw on for the snack shack or a comfortable, oversized button-down. A maxi dress or skirt and a crop top are great for windy days by the water. Don’t forget accessories like a chic sunhat and funky sunglasses to match, and your sandals of course.

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Night. A true fashionista is always prepared and a night at the beach is no exception. Bring a pair of high-top or canvas sneakers to help trek through the cold sand and an oversized sweater with some high-waist distressed shorts for a relaxed, I-just-spend-all-day-at-the-beach look. Or pull that maxi dress back on with a long-sleeve button-down to keep cozy.

 outfit4 Outfit2


2.   Remember the essentials! We always bring our towel to sunbathe and our SPF, but what other beach essentials do we forget to bring? Always remember to pack your things in a beach-proof bag equipped with 500 different compartments and a seagull-free guarantee. Facial wipes are great to free your skin from the blowing sand and salt water, and reactivating mist for your hair to keep hold of those beachy waves. Stick your cellphone and wallet in a plastic bag beforehand just in case, and pack your stereo with the loudest speakers, Hillary Duff CD included.



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Student Discounts on Fashion

You can get tons of student discounts on fashion brands at StudentRate!

Here are my top picks:



Urban Outfitters

American Eagle Outfitters


Alex and Ani



Steve Madden

Necessary Clothing


Under Armour

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5 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

The lure of those mint suede platforms were irresistible…those Michael Kors cage heels were really trendy at the time…and you really needed those thigh-high boots when they were in for 2 weeks several Winters ago. But if you go out and shop all the trends as soon as they come out, you will quickly amass a crazy collection of shoes that will take up an abundance of room in your closet, most of which will never see the light of day again. If you have a spacious closet, are Kim Kardashian, or you really can’t emotionally part with your heels, then that’s one thing. But most of us are on the go and may need to trim the excess. Here is an easy guide on how to streamline and make sure that you have the essentials covered.

1) The black pump. Timeless and chic, the black pump is a staple and finding a relatively comfortable quality pair is a must. Whether it’s for a job interview, days at the office, or out at night, you can never go wrong with this flattering style. They are the LBD of the shoe world, they are appropriate for every occasion and can take your look from day to night. Choose leather as it will get more comfortable over time  and last longer. From personal experience, it is definitely more advantageous to invest in your essential pieces instead of buying more styles of a cheaper quality.

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Must-Have-Pumps2) Flats. Your feet will thank you. Flats are stylish while alleviating some pressure from heels, which are not meant to be for everyday anyway! Ballet flats are adorable with a casual outfit, and are lightweight and flexible enough to throw in your purse if you feel you may need them after towering in heels all night at an event. Flats are the most versatile type of shoe that you can own: they’re professional at work, chic during the weekend, and suitable for traveling and hanging out.

Must-Have-Flats3) Sneakers. In addition to running shoes, which really should only be worn while working out, we should all have a pair of comfortable sneakers. They should be supportive and in a neutral color or pattern so we can pair them with a professional outfit (on the way to work), out and about running errands, and while walking around town. Podiatrists will thank you, and you may feel noticeable positive effects like better posture and less aches from switching to wearing sneakers on a regular basis if you have consistently only worn heels and flats with a hard surface. There are many available styles of cute sneakers in cool textures like canvas, denim, and suede.

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Must-Have-Sneakers4) Sandals. We all need a go-to pair of sandals that are stylish for warmer weather. Pairing a pretty sundress with rubber flip-flops can seriously throw off your vibe. Whether you gravitate towards metallics, black patent, or worn-in leather, choose a pair that will coordinate well with your Summer wardrobe.

Must-Have-Sandals5) Booties. Short booties are incredibly versatile, and can be worn during any season. With jeans, leggings, or a dress, they add a little bit of style to your look. Even if you’re just wearing tights and a loose tunic, booties will dress up your outfit in a pinch. They are also a casual way to add height if they have block heels without going all out with heels or wedges.

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Must-have-bootiesImages: Fash for Fashion, We Heart it

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How to get a “secret” student discount at Forever21

Did you know students could get a discount at Forever21? Register for Studentrate.com and shop at Forever21 using the deal to get 4% cash back on top of any ongoing promo code or discount.

Let’s be honest, we are all obsessed with Forever21. Whether you’re on your way to a music festival, going to the beach, or heading to a party, you are bound to find the perfect piece without spending a ton of money. as a student you can get a discount at Forever21. With Studentrate, you can save  on all the cutest dresses, maxis, skirts, crop tops and shorts and freshmen up your closet for the summer!

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How to Save Money on Designer Fashion

As far as shopping goes, there are few moments more thrilling than nabbing the very last one on the rack, adding that item you love to your cart when there are only 2 left, and coming home to find your package on your doorstep. If you can relate, your love of shopping probably transcends just finding clothes for the purpose of staying warm or because society tells you that you probably shouldn’t walk around naked. For those of us who love designer fashion, the recurring problem every season is how to save on the most coveted styles. Find out how to get the best deals!

1) Shop online when you can. Generally speaking, you can find the same item for a better price online than in-store. There are some exceptions as some brands are exclusive and offer no discount whatsoever, but check online before you buy! You may be surprised to find that you can get a discount on Herve Leger, Gucci, Alexander Wang, Chanel, and more. Even if you think that you found a piece at an unbeatable price, run a quick search on Google and a shopping comparison app if that’s what you like to use (suggestions include Amazon Price Check, The Find, and ShopSavvy). Sometimes another retailer will offer the same deal but with free shipping or another perk so take that into account. Even stores like TJMaxx and Nordstrom Rack have online stores now! Check out TJMaxx Runway for designer steals like Fendi and Alice and Olivia. There is no one place where you can find an item definitively cheaper, the key is really to compare.

floral-small jacket-small

2) Sign up for emails. Opt-in to receive emails from your favorite brands and stores, you may be able to get a discount upon sign-up and will be notified about special sales and offers. Most of us get annoyed by marketing email blasts, but Gmail now has a convenient feature where emails from brands can be shuffled into a promotions folder where you can check them if you’re in the mood for shopping and ignore them in peace if you’re not! Other benefits from being on the list include invitations to private sales and early access. You may want to sign up with flash sales websites like Hautelook (you can conveniently make returns at a Nordstrom Rack), RueLaLa, Guilt (more high-end designers at up to 60% off), iDeeli (up to 70% off), etc. They’re dangerously addicting…you may never see the inside of a mall again.

3) Get cash back. Sign up with sister websites StudentRate and/or Stackdealz for free to shop at your favorite stores and retailers while getting an additional discount in the form of cash back. The cash back is the commission that stores give to SR or SD, and 100% off the commission is given to the shopper! Within 48 hours you’ll see the money in your account and you can get it in the form of a physical check or sent to you via PayPal. It’s a free service that helps you save while you shop. StudentRate is geared towards college fashion while Stackdealz is for everyone. Here are some of the best cash back deals for designer fashion:

Get 5% cash back at Shopbop

Get 5% cash back at Nordstrom

Get 5% cash back at Lord & Taylor

StudentRate and StackDealz tend to have the best cash back deals, but I’d recommend running a search to see if you can get more cash back from a different company. Cash back really adds up and is really an undiscovered secret of savvy shoppers! A $4,750 Chanel bag from ShopBop would give you $237.50 cash back- amazing savings! I love that cash back works on everything, including sale and clearance.

chanel tory2

4) Shop at the right times. Unlike cheaper brands like Forever21 and H&M where you can load up on cheap trendy styles with little to no guilt ($14 printed harem pants that you’ll wear maybe once? Why not!), you are probably looking for designer styles that have more longevity. Shopping for last season’s Winter coats in a classic style (a quality peacoat, for example) at the end of the season is a great option as it will save a ton of money on pieces that will be fashionable next Winter and for years to come. However, bear in mind that the best times to save money aren’t always when you’ll find the best selection. Steep sales occur when a season is over or coming to an end and inventories are thin. Consumer Report’s research tells us that the best time to buy Winter clothing is in January, Spring clothing in April, and swimwear in July.

5) Check out sample sales. Some cities like NYC and Los Angeles have better samples sales than others, but find out if there are any in your area that you’d be interested in. They tend to be very quick to wrap up, so don’t blink or you’ll miss it! You may want to get there early if you anticipate a line or a lot of buzz. Know the exact address before you go (many sample sales aren’t held in easy-to-spot storefronts, and may be located in a floor of an office building or at a pop-up location) and the currency rules (check if it’s cash only!).

I hope that these tips were helpful to you, feel free to comment any additional advice that you swear by!

ele-small pink-small

Images: product images from Shopbop, lifestyle images from fashforfashion

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What to Wear to a Music Festival

For those of you lucky enough to heading out to Coachella, one of the biggest music festivals in the world, you should be getting ready for an amazing lineup that includes Alesso, Calvin Harris, Foster the People, Kid Cudi, Lana Del Ray, Lorde, Nas, OutKast, Skrillex, and more! You should also be getting ready your festival attire-because fashion is totally part of the magic that is Coachella. Music festival fashion is about being comfortable so you can dance for hours, being stylish because where else can you rock a feather headdress in public?!, and most of all having fun with all your friends and the bands you love. It’s a great time to showcase your street style so there are no rules-but we’ll give you a couple tips!

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1) Wear comfortable shoes like boots-they will get dirty but it’ll just add a worn and vintage look to them!

2) Dress in clothes you can really dance in-like cutoff shorts and a bodysuit (no more having to adjust a tucked-in top!), or crazy printed leggings and a bandeau or crop top. You can pull on loose fitting clothes like tunics and flowy tops and dresses to beat the heat.

3) Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Throw on your floral headpiece and round up all your bangles, leather cuff bracelets, and rings you can find and pile them on! You’ll be carrying your bag around all day so make it convenient-like a cross body or slouchy boho backback.

Whether you’re digging Aztec prints, neon colors or lace materials, there are tons of options.