10 College Studying Don’ts

College Studying Don'ts

So there’s tons of articles out there telling you the right way to study. But what about the wrong way? What are some things you might be doing that are keeping you from the most productive studying session? We’ve got the 10 Studying Don’ts to make sure you get the most out of your studying do’s.

1.)  Don’t save it till the last minute – If you’re not one for a long, sit-down study sesh, try studying for an hour or two each day a week leading up to the test, so by the night before, you’re simply reviewing. Saving studying till the last day (or night) can lead to stress, lack of sleep and motivation and some unsatisfying grades.

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Dorm Room Hacks

Dorm Room Hacks

So there’s this wildly long list of things students aren’t allowed to have in their college dorm rooms. It’s safe to say that those lists are rarely abided by, but there is a list, nonetheless.

And though this so-called “list” may seem like a bunch of cockamamie, it in fact is created for the well-being of students living on campus.

For instance… Candles are usually prohibited in on-campus dorms. Seeing as most dorm window shades are old, dusty, and made of plastic, and fire in confined places with lots of cheap bedding can be a hazard, a candle-less dorm makes sense. Pets are also normally restricted in the dorms (other than fish, in most cases) – a bunch of college students in one area is already enough of a zoo.

A few other no-no’s for on-campus living

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Top 11 Things Every International Student Should Know When Studying In The US

Guide for International Students


1.)  Do your research before picking classes. Before you choose your classes, make sure to always consult with your advisor to see which courses and electives work best to complete your major/minor. However, keep in mind that the goal of any international student is not always to graduate early or even on time. Picking a few fun, unrelated courses or even graduate classes will extend your graduation date and give you additional time on your visa.


2.)  Make sure you ask residential life about your housing assignment early and do your research. At some universities, international students are put in less-than-ideal housing seeing as they usually don’t know as much about housing and what the campus offers. In some cases, they get stuck with the remaining housing spots in unpopular locations. Remember that you can almost always request a transfer!

As an international student, you’ll also want to live on campus for your first few semesters, specifically if you don’t know many people or have a car for getting around. Living in an off campus apartment will isolate you from campus social life and make it difficult to meet people.

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A Guide To The Cheapest College Textbooks


College Textbooks: The most expensive books you will ever buy and then avoid reading at all costs! If that doesn’t sound scholarly, I don’t know what does. But what we love most about these heavy, expensive rectangles they call “books” – the cost. College textbook costs are the reason for your strict diet of Ramen Noodles and store brand apple juice.

But there’s a solution. Upgrade to Mott’s apple juice boxes (hell yeah) and vodka with manageable hangovers when you buy textbooks online! Check out textbook search engines like Studentrate.com and Campusbooks.com. Here, you can search book titles, authors, ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and keywords and compare prices. Search engines will give you prices from different websites, whether the textbooks are new or used, the cost of shipping and more.

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Shop The 2014 Summer Sales!


Summer sales are in full swing! And with so many styles at the best prices of the year, choosing which ones to go with is half the battle. But knowing what will be trendy a year from now in 2015 is key! Will neon tops still rock the night life? Will the wave of crop tops and high waist shorts take a backseat or continue to top the fashion food chain?

The advice from our style editor is to stock up on fun prints that you can pair up with basics.

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What I Wish Someone Told Me Freshman Year

What I Wish Someone Told Me Freshman Year

Ahhh, freshman year. A time when it’s socially acceptable to make a bounty of mistakes and if you got a nickel for every time you told someone you’re a “college freshman,” well… you wouldn’t be a broke college student.

But there’s plenty of things I wish someone had told me my freshman year. Such as, avoid the last bathroom stall on a coed floor, or that you don’t have to wear a skirt and heels out every Friday and Saturday night, and Facebook stalking in a 200 person lecture will somehow come back to haunt you.

And after having done it all and looking back, loving every minute of it, there’s a few more things I want you to know before you dive into the pool that is freshman living.

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