12 Simple Tips For Staying Healthy In College

12 Simple Tips for a Healthy College lifestyle

We’ve all heard of the dreaded “Freshman 15,” right? And even though you’re always excited to come back next summer and see who’s been defeated by it’s menacing powers, you’re also just as afriad that, well… you might be one of them. Well you won’t be this year! Staying healthy in college is easier than it’s made out to be! All you need to do is follow these 12 simple steps…


1)  Drink water – In between each drink at a party, 20 minutes before a meal, while sitting in lecture. Water can do wonders for your health and skin, so stay hydrated at all times! Drinking water in between each drink at a party (and before you go to bed) will help reduce those dreadful hangovers and keep you hydrated. Drinking water before eating will make you feel fuller! Hunger is also often mistaken for thirst, so when your stomach’s feeling empty, have a drink first instead.

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How To Get A Better-Looking Booty

How To Get A Better-Looking Booty


The booty. Men write songs about it, women dream to perfect it. But for some of us, well, we’re just not graced with the magical powers of thy derriere. BUT (no pun intended), there are a few simple tricks to help your booty stand out, and they’re all in the jeans (not genes, unfortunately).

Find the right pair for your body. The right pair of jeans can make or break and woman’s backside. Rule of thumb – go for fitting jeans with some stretch, especially at the waistline. Whether skinny or straight, a well-fitted pair of jeans will help accent the curves of your booty, not hide them, and the stretch will allow for a rounder, perkier behind.

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Top 10 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Senior Year

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Senior Year

Senior year of college will be the most fun, most stressful, most memorable year of school for some. It certainly felt like that way for me (aka a very recent, overly sentimental college grad). And if there’s any advice I’d give to new college seniors, it would be to make the most out your senior year because you only get to do it once!


Here’s 10 things you should do to ensure you’ll leave senior year with “no regrets”:

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Fall Fashion Finds For Under $50

Our style editor has been doing some serious hunting! And she’s found the best fall finds for under $50! But what exactly did she look for?

I went for my favorite brands and stores! Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, boohoo, LookBook Store – just to name a few, then started searching! I love loose, comfortable pieces in colors that match the coziness of fall! Neutrals, maroons, blues and greens are great for fall time!

Look for sweaters and cardigans to match with your favorite pair of skinny jeans, or fun leggings to wear with boots and a long tee. The trick is to get creative with layering and go for simple, yet chic!

Here are some great finds I fell upon for Fall!

 Fashion Finds For Under $50  Fall Fashion Finds Under $50  31

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What I Learned From Dorm Disasters

What I Learned From Dorm Disasters | SR Trends
This guest post was provided by Alyssa J Freitas

When you think of move in day you probably are expecting many different things; the
nerves when meeting your roommate, the fun of decorating your room, the excitement of
bonding with those on your floor. I had the same expectations but things went a little
differently for me.

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Networking: What It Really Means and How To Do It Right

Learn How To Network
(Image cred: www.thebostoninvestor.com)


Network: As a college student, you hear this word all the time – from professors, advisers, parents, employers – it’s everywhere. It’s the “that’s hot” of the business world. But what exactly is networking and how should you go about it?

Networking is communicating and interacting with people to “exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one’s career” according to Google. And Google’s right. We network to introduce ourselves to people who can introduce us to other people.

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Fall Fashion Trends: In Love with Layering

Fall Fashion: Layering How-To

Fall is about embracing the changing leaves and the excess seasonal coffee flavors. But you know what else we love about fall? The layering – and lots of it. We’ve got your guide to mixing and layering  your favorite fall patterns and textures to create a completely comfy, autumn-humming look!

First things fall… I mean first:

  1. Get the staples:

Loose, basic tees

Comfortable flannels and sweaters

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