7 Tips to Survive your First Cold Winter in College

7 Tips to Survive Your First Cold Winter in College


If you go to school in a state that experience harsh cold winters, you will soon realize that dorm life in the Winter is very different from the comfort of home! Walking back from class in the freezing cold and making ramen noodles in your dorm, all while trying to avoid catching the flu can be a challenge!  Check out those 7 tips to survive your first cold winter in college!

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How to Keep Your Healthy Resolutions

How to Keep your Healthy Resolutions

New Year, New You, right? Isn’t that the saying that consistently accommodates the ringing in of the New Year? However, for a lot of people, the “new you” portion of this phrase seems to fade away within the first month or two of the New Year.  It is extremely difficult to stay committed to your New Years Resolutions, especially when you have several goals you are looking to reach in the coming year.  We are only a few weeks into the 2015 and I have found a few ways to stay committed and motivated to my New Years Resolutions.

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How to Dress For Bipolar Weather

How to dress for Bipolar Weather Tips

After living on the coast and in the mountains, I have run into a difficult clothing crisis: how to dress for weather that can’t decide? The day doesn’t know if it wants to be hot or cold and it changes throughout the day. I have figured out a few ways to combat the bipolar weather disorder and not change outfits a million times a day.

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How to Budget in College

How to stick to a budget in college

The New Year is a time to reflect on the changes we want or need to make. With textbooks, groceries, student loans, and many other expenses that come with college, 2014 may have been a costly year for you. So why not make your new year’s resolution to save more money and start a budget?

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Everything You Need to Know About College Football Season

Going back to school for fall semester doesn’t mean you’re one semester closer to graduation, it means it is the start to the most wonderful time of the year, college football season.  For many students this means tailgating, a wardrobe full of their schools colors, and the hope for an untouchable season record.  As a Florida State Seminole, football season is what fall semester evolves around, especially with our recent National title win and several comeback wins this season, but no matter what school you cheer for, we’re all just trying to have a successful and fun college football season, so here are some tips to make your gamedays the most memorable!


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