Everything You Need to Know About College Football Season

Going back to school for fall semester doesn’t mean you’re one semester closer to graduation, it means it is the start to the most wonderful time of the year, college football season.  For many students this means tailgating, a wardrobe full of their schools colors, and the hope for an untouchable season record.  As a Florida State Seminole, football season is what fall semester evolves around, especially with our recent National title win and several comeback wins this season, but no matter what school you cheer for, we’re all just trying to have a successful and fun college football season, so here are some tips to make your gamedays the most memorable!


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What to Wear to Finals

Finals is a crazy stressful time for all of us. Goodness knows we’d all love to venture out to our exams in our pajamas, and some people do, but there’s a way to be super comfortable and still be presentable. We are seeing our peers and professors, so you probably shouldn’t wear the same thing you’ve been locked in your room studying in for 3 days. Coming up is a list of a few ideas for what to wear out to your finals so you can still be cozy and comfortable, but still presentable to the rest of civilization.

What to Wear to a Final Exam

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15 Tips to Be Successful in College

Life for a college student can be hectic.  Between making it to class, running to work, and jumping at every resume building exercise one can squeeze in, finding time to think, let alone breath, can cause major scheduling conflicts.  But for every ambitious young professional, this conflict becomes a challenge that requires tackling.  For all those waiting for the next challenge to tackle, here are the 15 things you need to do.

15 Tips to be Successful in College

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10 Holiday Drinks for Your Christmas Party

The holidays are as good excuse as any to drink up! These are a few of my favorite holiday drinks. If you are planning a Christmas party…these are 10 quick and easy drinks that can be put together for any holiday gathering. Drink responsibly and enjoy!

10 Holiday Drinks for your Xmas Party


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5 Study Tips to Ace Your Finals

Finals week are upon us! Yes! The part of the semester where students rejoice that it is almost over but fear the final boss: exams.

Students regret not doing the homework, taking unorganized notes and only attending the bare minimum of classes. They walk around campus like zombies and realise that we really want that high GPA. Sounds like you? Well you’re in luck! Here are five awesome study tips for you to use this finals week.

5 study tips to ace your finals


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5 Ways to Deal with a Difficult Roommate

Perhaps the most exciting and the most daunting thing about starting college is sharing a room with someone you’ve never met. Sometimes you get lucky and can room with a friend, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll never see conflict. Whether your roommate is your best friend or just an acquaintance, you need to know how to handle any difficult situations. Here are some tips on how to make the best of a difficult roommate:

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