What I Wish Someone Told Me Freshman Year

What I Wish Someone Told Me Freshman Year

Ahhh, freshman year. A time when it’s socially acceptable to make a bounty of mistakes and if you got a nickel for every time you told someone you’re a “college freshman,” well… you wouldn’t be a broke college student.

But there’s plenty of things I wish someone had told me my freshman year. Such as, avoid the last bathroom stall on a coed floor, or that you don’t have to wear a skirt and heels out every Friday and Saturday night, and Facebook stalking in a 200 person lecture will somehow come back to haunt you.

And after having done it all and looking back, loving every minute of it, there’s a few more things I want you to know before you dive into the pool that is freshman living.

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College Class Checklist

College Class Checklist

So you’re heading off to your first semester of freshman year. You’ve got your brand new 5-piece bedding set, your photo collage you spent three days creating, and enough snacks to feed your entire hall for one week.

But what about class?? Remember? That thing you’re going to college for. Yeah, that. Well there’s some stuff you need to bring to that thing they call “class” and we’ve got you covered.

No matter what your schedule, there’s some essentials to always have with you. Most students, however, end up with schedules lasting from morning through the afternoon, so in between time is important to remember as well!

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How to Get Good Grades in College

The networks and connections that you develop during college are invaluable, as is work experience. However, grades are still the primary measure of collegiate success. Some jobs for recent graduates have a GPA minimum (it is common for consulting jobs to have a GPA requirement of 3.5), and many employers will ask how you performed. Any academic honors attained during college can pull weight for years after graduation, and your GPA will have a profound impact on your options as far as graduate schools go. Do not fall into believing the erroneous idea that your college grades will not matter. You cannot go back in time to get better grades, so do it now while you can!

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Surviving The First Few Weeks Of Freshman Year

Move In Day is approaching which means a rush to find the perfect BFFs. Ideally, you’d love to find someone with a fully equipped closet, great taste in music, reasonable hours spent sleeping and awesome snacks for late-night binging. But the likelihood of all that and a bag of chips found at Orientation is well… slim. But it’s okay!

Meeting people over one weekend (or not meeting them at all) and choosing to live with them for an entire school year isn’t quite what you’d call a “bulletproof plan.” Contrary to popular belief, though, you can survive freshman year without knowing anyone at all. Trust me, I’ve been there!

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How to Brighten a Drab Dorm Room

When I walked into my dorm room for the first time my freshman year of college, I wasn’t expecting much, and didn’t even care! I was too excited about college to worry about my less than glamorous living conditions for the upcoming year. However, when I saw the bunker-style cement block walls and clunky faux wooden dresser, I knew that my room was going to need a makeover ASAP.

The one amazing thing about my dorm was the hurricane shutters, and the sunshine that rarely shed through them. Going to school in Miami meant heat year-round heat and the unpredictability of mother nature. Naps were dangerous seeing as the middle of the day appeared like the middle of the night.

What I learned: Don’t go through an entire semester procrastinating decorating your dorm! Make it homey and comfortable, and you’ll see how much more you’ll enjoy living there.

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Dorm Decorating Basics Every College Student Needs To Know!

Your dorm room is a reflection of yourself, so how you choose to decorate is key! Do you live in beautiful chaos or complete organization? Bright and wild colors or a clean and simple style? We have the basics to help you choose the colors, style and statements for your dorm to help you make it your own!

Color.  The foundation of a well styled dorm room certainly starts with color. Do you want to go school colors to show your university love or a combination more original? Start with bedding and go from there. Studentrate.com has a handful of discounts for students on brands with awesome bedding. From colorful and crazy to simple and sophisticated, you can find just about anything you’re looking for! Choose a color and style that suits you and use that as a foundation for all your decor.

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